Build for Scale

Manage Your AWS Accounts and Landing Zones at Scale

At Virtuability, we help you effectively manage your AWS accounts and landing zones at scale using AWS Organizations, Control Tower and other related services. Our expertise and experience ensure that your organisation benefits from seamless deployment, improved governance & security and increased cost-efficiency.

Why Use AWS Organizations and Control Tower?

Centralized Management

AWS Organizations allows you to centrally manage multiple AWS accounts, enabling a unified view across your entire infrastructure. This makes it easier for you to track costs, manage resource allocation and maintain control over your AWS ecosystem.

Secure Environment

Control Tower automates the setup and management of a secure, multi-account AWS environment. It creates a well-architected landing zone with best-practice security and compliance settings. Additionally, it monitors your infrastructure for non-compliance, alerting you when remediation is needed.

Streamlined Account Provisioning

AWS Organizations simplifies the process of creating and provisioning new accounts, allowing you to effortlessly scale your infrastructure. Combined with Control Tower’s account factory, you can quickly create new accounts with standardized security and compliance settings.

Cost Optimization

With consolidated billing, AWS Organizations enables you to view and manage costs across all accounts. This visibility allows you to identify cost-saving opportunities, such as unused resources or underutilized services.

In addition, AWS Billing and Cost Management provide comprehensive visibility into your AWS costs and usage. They enable you to understand, manage and optimize your costs. With AWS Cost Explorer, you can visualize, understand and manage your AWS costs and usage over time. This can aid in budgeting and ensuring you stay within financial targets.

By leveraging these AWS services, your organisation can achieve efficient, secure and cost-effective management of your AWS environment at scale.

Service Control Policies (SCPs)

AWS Organizations allows you to enforce granular, policy-based controls over your AWS services. This helps you maintain a consistent security posture across your environment by restricting or permitting specific service actions.

Compliance Automation

Control Tower’s Guardrails feature enables you to implement automated compliance checks and enforcement mechanisms. This reduces the risk of human error and ensures continuous adherence to your organization’s security and compliance requirements.

Integration with Other AWS Services

AWS Organizations and Control Tower seamlessly integrate with other AWS services, such as AWS Security Hub, AWS Config and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). This provides a comprehensive management solution for your entire AWS ecosystem.

Unified Identity and Access Management (IAM) with Identity Center (SSO)

Identity Center (SSO) simplifies user access to AWS accounts and services by enabling Single Sign-On (SSO). This streamlines the authentication process and improves security by centralising identity management and enforcing consistent access policies across your organization.

Continuous Security Monitoring with GuardDuty & Inspector

GuardDuty is a threat detection service that provides continuous monitoring and analysis of your AWS environment for potential security threats. AWS Inspector is an automated security assessment service that identifies vulnerabilities and deviations from best practices within your infrastructure. Combined, these services provide comprehensive, real-time security monitoring to protect your cloud resources.

Configuration Management with AWS Config

AWS Config is a service that enables you to track and audit changes to your AWS resources. It helps ensure compliance with internal policies and regulatory standards by maintaining a detailed history of resource configurations and enabling automated enforcement of configuration rules.

Integrated Security Insights with Security Hub

AWS Security Hub consolidates and prioritizes security findings from multiple AWS services, including GuardDuty, Inspector and IAM. This provides a comprehensive view of your security posture, allowing you to quickly identify, investigate and remediate potential issues.

Our Expertise in AWS Account and Landing Zone Management

Our team of certified AWS professionals will work with you to:

  • Assess your organisation’s needs and goals
  • Develop a comprehensive plan for your AWS infrastructure
  • Implement AWS Organizations and Control Tower effectively
  • Optimize your infrastructure for cost, performance and security
  • Provide ongoing support and assistance for any challenges you may encounter

Contact us to learn more about how Virtuability can help your organisation manage AWS accounts and landing zones at scale. Our expert consultants are ready to assist you in harnessing the power of AWS Organizations, Control Tower and related services to achieve a secure, efficient and compliant cloud environment.